Tuesday, March 17, 2009

...Kak minne Wedding 14.02.2009..

Halliu....eventhough im busy doing my works, but i still have a time to update my blog!! i continue my posting with Kak Minne wedding on 14.02.2009..this sis really loves sunflower.thts why when her wedding day, she asked us to decorate the Church and Hall with sunflower..aiyooo, from tht day all of the friends was "sick" because of the color. why? too much using yellow color..hahahah..when my friend coming for the first time, he was shocked when he saw the chairs and the clothes all the same color. in Yellow...hahhaha!!i told him tht this is wht the bride wants us to do!!!hahahahaha

anyways, im happy to see my sister @ kak minne fine her soulmate.its hard for her actually to looking for her partner. she was worried if she cant get her soulmate coz she was going to 29 years old. she keep on praying and asking God to send a good man for her. Finally she met with Bro Muru a indian guy.actually she told us tht she dont like a indian guy.hahahah!!

so guys, enjoy the photos. just a few of it i can share with..:)

~ This is wht make everyone of us 'sick'..hahahha

~1. Me,Kristy,Kak Minne & Yulie

~2. With my youths

~3. Me & husband with our beloved brother @ Macha

~4. Me & kristy kak minne's sister

~ Kak minne in her white wedding gown..she looks pretty!holding her sunflower..hahaha

~2. us with kak minne - Me, kak minne, tasha & Jane

~3.Me & husband

~4. With the kiriki girls..hahhaa!(Kiriki mean crazy girl)haaha

~ i love him so much. he is the ones who love me so much.

~ With the kiriki girl.aiyoooo..hahahhaah Kristy.

~ 1. THe bride, smiling at the camera..hihihi

~2. I kiss the bride..hahahha..i really likes this picture.

~3. Then, i kiss the bride's sister..hihihih

~4. The wedding cake. u can see the sunflower upon each of the cake and the bottom of the cake they put Teddy bear doll.hihihi...Why ah?The bride likes sunflower and the groom like Teddy Bear..hahaha!!!!

* Thts all for today guys..will update more stories later..i will 'Curi Tulang' while doing my works..hahaah

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