Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~ what a bored day ~

Hallooooo....it's been an ages i didn't update my blog..Been busy this year!!guys, wanna adjusting my blog..:P

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

wowwww!!!!i'm back

woww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh my site...it's been an ages didn't blogging....huhuhu,,!!!!what a busy women i think i am.,..hahaha!!!Well, being a mommy is not a easy things to do..lake of sleep is the most things that make me feel no mood...But Thank God, it was such a sweet experience that i had ever have before..:D..well guys, do continue it tomorrow...:D, need to do my urgent works first before the clients scold us...hahah...


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

...^ Mau ceta apa nie ah?^...

Hari nie nak ceta apa ah? so bored...nothing to do...all my works sudah siap!!!then sekarang nie takde kerja, tgk Awan Dania...best gile ceta dia kan!!!hihihihihi......hari2 online pun boring juga...!!!masuk facebook lagi la boring, takde benda nak tgk sudah..balik2 tgk benda yang sama....aiyooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!dunia ku, alangkah bosannya aku nie....

next week monday my hubby punya b'day, i still looking for present..apa yang aku mau beli ah?i have no idea....aiyooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cuma aku nak buat surprise sikit la...nak buat kek sendiri and cook for him...hahhahahaha!!!!pandai kah juga aku nie nak masak erk???? belum cuba belum tau kan....hahhahaha

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

<3 Thank You sayang<3

i just wants to share with you'll how do i feel today.. i am happy that i could spend my time talking, joking and having fun with my beloved husband yesterday.. i believe that when we r done the right things, God will always bless us. I really feel so blessed even i got so many problem, struggling with my life and many more..i still can feel HIS love!!!:)

I really thankful for sending him to me. married life's teach me so many thing. How to be a patient women, appreciate the things around us and how to be a good wife and mummy in family. Even i didn't done yet all the "term" of marriage life, but i still trying and learning to catch it. i believe that i could do that for my happily married life!!!!:)..Bible said, women r the helper for her husband..and women must respect their husband and treat them as well.

my first month of marriage, so much of struggling and problem came into my mind . i can't fixed my self yet..i feel regret why i get married early?why i should choose this man for my partner the whole of my life?..crazy rite?why i can think like that..from there i learn that we will never understand God's planned in our life @ future life..why should i felt regret?nothing rite? that was the way how evil "works" in our marriage life...evil will never happy with what we had..evil trying to destroy us. btw,im thanking GOD for everything...

almost one year i became a wife..day by day i learn so many thing. Bible teach me many "lesson"!! how to be a good wife and a blessed women.. like what my husband told me that day, "im the light in our family"..:)i really thanking God for HIS WORDS... from that day, i commit all the not rite in HIS hands and i surrender my life for HIS purpose..because i know that, i am here not because the accident, but i am here because HE has the purpose for my life. i am here because of HIS love for me.....once again i would like to say thanks to my husband, because of him i can open my eyes to see the "real life"...Thanks to JESUS for HIS mercies for my husband.. HE changed my husband a lots....Thanks "papa" for loving me and accepted me be your wife....love u so much sayang...:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

...^Thinking of how to learn makes cake and Cup Cake^...

just got a chance to log in to my blog...huh!!! straight to my topic today, suddenly im thinking i want to start learning how to make cake and cup cake!!!wow....sounds like fun rite...hahhaha!!!!! anyways my first step to do is, find someone that can teach me and i learn it from them or i just go to the book store and buy books..:)..fuh...

i think its very fun and enjoy when we started to learn something new rite? since i get married, so many things that i want to learn..How cook, How to bake a cake and biscuits...hihihi!!i was thinking why i don't want to all of this when i was "single"???? aiyooo....anyway im thanking God for all of this..so from here i can learn something that can change me rite?hahahah

by the way, i hope that i could fine someone that can teach me this..:)

wish me luck friends....:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

>>i have no idea<<


sudah lama aku tak tulis blog aku kan...rindu sgt2 dengan blog aku nie!!!dalam beberapa bulan nie memang banyak perkara yang terjadi..Hari raya pun telah berlalu...tinggal 2 bulan lagi kita kat tahun 2009...lepas tu masuk lah ke tahun yang baru!!!

tak sangka kan begitu cepat masa berlalu...pejam celik..pejam celik wow!!!!!!dah nak masuk ke tahun yang baru.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

...Kak minne Wedding 14.02.2009..

Halliu....eventhough im busy doing my works, but i still have a time to update my blog!! i continue my posting with Kak Minne wedding on 14.02.2009..this sis really loves sunflower.thts why when her wedding day, she asked us to decorate the Church and Hall with sunflower..aiyooo, from tht day all of the friends was "sick" because of the color. why? too much using yellow color..hahahah..when my friend coming for the first time, he was shocked when he saw the chairs and the clothes all the same color. in Yellow...hahhaha!!i told him tht this is wht the bride wants us to do!!!hahahahaha

anyways, im happy to see my sister @ kak minne fine her soulmate.its hard for her actually to looking for her partner. she was worried if she cant get her soulmate coz she was going to 29 years old. she keep on praying and asking God to send a good man for her. Finally she met with Bro Muru a indian guy.actually she told us tht she dont like a indian guy.hahahah!!

so guys, enjoy the photos. just a few of it i can share with..:)

~ This is wht make everyone of us 'sick'..hahahha

~1. Me,Kristy,Kak Minne & Yulie

~2. With my youths

~3. Me & husband with our beloved brother @ Macha

~4. Me & kristy kak minne's sister

~ Kak minne in her white wedding gown..she looks pretty!holding her sunflower..hahaha

~2. us with kak minne - Me, kak minne, tasha & Jane

~3.Me & husband

~4. With the kiriki girls..hahhaa!(Kiriki mean crazy girl)haaha

~ i love him so much. he is the ones who love me so much.

~ With the kiriki girl.aiyoooo..hahahhaah Kristy.

~ 1. THe bride, smiling at the camera..hihihi

~2. I kiss the bride..hahahha..i really likes this picture.

~3. Then, i kiss the bride's sister..hihihih

~4. The wedding cake. u can see the sunflower upon each of the cake and the bottom of the cake they put Teddy bear doll.hihihi...Why ah?The bride likes sunflower and the groom like Teddy Bear..hahaha!!!!

* Thts all for today guys..will update more stories later..i will 'Curi Tulang' while doing my works..hahaah

...Wedding photos part 2..

so sorry didn't update my blog for long time..im very busy this few months....anyway, here is my part 2 wedding photos, enjoy it guys...

~ some of the decorations..the chairs, flowers, the bell, and the cosage...

~ me with my beloved friend Nucy..and my Bloved aunt Julia..Thank you for coming...

~ 1. My photos ngan Kawan Church..

~2 us with my cousin..

~3. With my pastor's wife

4. ~ church members again~

~ The day tht i'll never forget....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my wedding photos part 1

halliu friends.... MySpace

seperti yang aku janjikan last week, nie dia photo2 wedding aku..tapi belum semua aku upload.tunggu erk..banyak lagi...hihhihi

MySpace~yang nie photo kat studio.aku dah edit photo nie...hihihi

MySpace~Picture yang first tu aku ngan bridesmaids aku..kitaorang baru sampai kat bawah church.belum naik lagi..hihih

~2. tu picture aku ngan..senyum2 la kunun..tapi dalam hati tyme tu hanya Tuhan yang tahu ok..hiihi
~3, picture aku ngan husband aku selepas kami diistiyarkan sebagai suami isteri yang sah..hihiih

~4, picture aku ngan adik aku ok.hihihi, adik aku yang paling bongsu..:)

MySpace~ picture first tu tyme reception dah..nanti upload picture tyme reception tu later k..

~ 2, tu picture aku ngan kawan 'N' my sister in law..dari kiri aku, Lurin (friend) & serti (sister in Law)

~3, picture kami dgn bridesmaid 'N' best man..sooo sweet..i like that picture;

~4, tu aku ngan husband

MySpace~ 1, tu picture aku ngan parents husband aku...but yang perempuan tu my husband's stepmother...my hsband punya mum pass away olredi..

~2, piture tu kami ngan cousins 'N' friends..seksa ok mereka...hahahah

~3, picture aku ngan family pastor kami..from left (pst Clement, Sis suk & their daughter Tasha)

~4, picture nie kami ngan family aku pulak..with my siblings..hihiihi

MySpace~1, picture nie kami ngan our belove brother @ Doktor praveen..best ok bro nie.dia lah kawan ngan abg kami..love him sooo much as my own borther..thank u soo much bro for your help..

~2, picture with friends @ church friends.. (from left janny,Lurin,husband@isaac,me,tasha & kak deborah)...dorang semua banyak membantu aku dalam membuat persiapan2 tuk hari bahagia aku ok..hihihi

~3, picture kami ngan adik lelaki aku @ Peter..budak nie nakal betul, tapi dia syg sgt ngan aku..hihihih...

~4, picture ngan cousin aku @ jacob..dia suka sgt panggil aku dengan gelaran mak muda..tapi disebabkan aku tak suka dgn gelran tu, dia gelar pulak aku 'mam'..aiyoooo...trima jak lah..hahaha

MySpace*Will upload more photos 2morrow k..hihihi..enjoy it guys..muahhhhhhh, cayang korang semua

Friday, February 6, 2009

..im Back..

Halliu friends...

soo sorry for not updated my blog for a long tyme guys...im busy with my work after my wedding.have no tyme to upload my wedding photo. but, will upload it later!for those who have friendster or facebook account, can view my photos there.:)

really miss my blog la.hihiihi...guys, will updated my blog next week, soo sorry!!very busy...hihihihhih

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...BIG DAY almost here...



Makin hari makin sibuk aku!!aiyoooo...faham2 je lah, BIG DAY aku dah nak tiba...tinggal 4 hari jak lagi!!!wow..dub dab dub dab!!!!hiihihi
tyme aku tak updated blog nie, korang faham2 lah k....
anyway guys, aku nak sharing sikit nie!!korang kat luar yang nak kawen tu, fikir lah masak2 sebelum membuat keputusan yang bijak..then korang haru siapkan diri, dari segi fizikal dan rohania!!!faham2 lah, tyme dekat2 mau kawen nie, banyak sgt cabaran dan halangan2 yang dtg..yang cuba menghalang kebahagian kita!!!kalo kita tidak kuat tuk menghadapi nya, kita pasti akan kalah!!!then banyakan berdoa..minta perlindungan Tuhan...


so guys, korang fikir lah betul2 erk!!hihihihih


*aku akan bercuti dari 23 - 02 february...so guys, i'll come with lots of story k!!hihihihi


sayang korang semua

Friday, January 16, 2009

..Start buzy..



entah lah kan, apa nak jadi ngan dunia nie sekarang!!adui..macam2 masalah timbul!!then yang paling heboh diperkatakan sekarang, soal kelaziman yang dilakukan oleh israel...adey!!pening ok!sakit hati dan sedih tgk umat yang tak bersalah menjadi mangsa keadaan!yang paling menyaayt hati tu kanak2 yang terkorban..


Geram sgt2..aku dapat bayangkan situasi mereka saat ini!mereka tdk tenang, dan risau tentang hidup mereka di lain hari...kasihan kan rakyat di sana!!yang penting kita disini, mendoakan agar ketenteraman akan terjadi disana..

anyway, start minggu depan aku akan BUSY ok....faham2 lah, my BIG DAY almost here..


cepat betul kan masa nie berlalu..hari tu tyme aku post tentang pertunangan aku, aku menghitung hari gak..tup tup tup, next dah aku my BIG DAY...wow..cepat kan!!gemuruh gak aku nak tunggu TARIKH keramat nie 24.01.2009..hahaahha


Lepas Tarikh tu, aku tak boleh lah sesuka hati hang out ngan kawan kan..hahhaha nak minta izin dulu..adey!!payah sgt kan..hahahhahah

k lah guy aku dah nak balik nie..aku cayang korang semua...thanks sebab sudi singgah kat blog aku yang tak seberapa nie..hahahah