Thursday, October 15, 2009

...^Thinking of how to learn makes cake and Cup Cake^...

just got a chance to log in to my blog...huh!!! straight to my topic today, suddenly im thinking i want to start learning how to make cake and cup cake!!!wow....sounds like fun rite...hahhaha!!!!! anyways my first step to do is, find someone that can teach me and i learn it from them or i just go to the book store and buy books..:)..fuh...

i think its very fun and enjoy when we started to learn something new rite? since i get married, so many things that i want to learn..How cook, How to bake a cake and biscuits...hihihi!!i was thinking why i don't want to all of this when i was "single"???? aiyooo....anyway im thanking God for all of from here i can learn something that can change me rite?hahahah

by the way, i hope that i could fine someone that can teach me this..:)

wish me luck friends....:)

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